Straight Curve Garden Edging

Straight Curve Garden Edging

Looking for an attractive, easy to install garden edge solution? You’ve found it!

Straight curve is the first steel garden edge that flexes; it does not need bending. No need for pre-shaping or custom-made curves. All curves can be made on site as you go, by hand, effortlessly.

With various designs you can stop grasses, raise beds or do both at the same time. It looks stylish and doesn’t need looking after. It does not crack, it does not move, it does not change shape and it lasts for a long time.

It is super easy to install. If you like doing things yourself, you can. If you’re a professional and want to save lots of time whilst maintaining a professional look, look no further!

Steel edging is strong and looks very attractive. The most popular range is made from weathering steel which is an alloy that is designed to develop a rusty looking protective patina that looks very natural.

All you need is a rubber mallet, a cordless drill and sometimes an angle grinder to create your masterpiece.

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7.30am to 4.30pm